Submarines: titanium hull, nuclear… What do we know about the extraordinary Kremlin fleet?

Submarines: titanium hull, nuclear… What do we know about the extraordinary Kremlin fleet?

Nicholas Tonev

After the discovery of gas leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, all eyes are on the Kremlin. The Swedish Seismic Institute points out that it detected two explosions before observing the gas leaks, suggesting sabotage. An action that Russia could carry out thanks to its ten extraordinary submarines.

Huge bubbles on the surface of the Baltic Sea. Amid the gas crisis, the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines are being hit by leaks. Several explosions were also detected in the area, raising suspicions of an act of sabotage. On the other hand, if there is nothing to incriminate Russia, it is the only country in the world capable of conducting underwater sabotage operations at any depth and in all seas and oceans.

Secret Missions…

Because the Kremlin has a dozen machines that belong to the diving and study branch of the Russian Ministry of Defense. This 29th Autonomous Division, based near Murmansk in the far north, is responsible for very secret missions: reconnaissance, reconnaissance or even sabotage at great depth.

Little information leaks out on these submarines, but they give an idea of ​​their capabilities, like the AS-13, 15 and 33 Cachalot: nuclear propulsion, titanium hull, diving teams with decompression airlock, manipulator arms for cutting objects, etc.

…Up to 6,000 meters deep

The fleet is controlled by the Locharik, a nuclear device more than 60 meters long. This flagship is so big that another carrier submarine has to deliver it to its deployment site. The Locharik could dive down to 6,000 meters and carry out sabotage operations at this depth.

In an accident that killed 14 sailors, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin realized that this machine was “unusual”. These submarines are supported by the Yantar, a ship that uses robots and divers. Equipment and troops that theoretically allow no pipe or submarine cable in the world to withstand the formidable 29th Autonomous Division.


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