“Suddenly a human avalanche”: A French woman testifies to the incidents in Indonesia

“Suddenly a human avalanche”: A French woman testifies to the incidents in Indonesia

Interview by Wilfried Devillers, edited by Gauthier Delomez

“Suddenly there was an avalanche of people from all sides,” says a French woman who was present at the serious incidents at a soccer game in Indonesia. At least 125 people, including 32 children, died on Saturday, authorities said. Thiphaine Poulon is the companion of one of the players from the losing team that night, whose angry supporters stormed onto the pitch. For Europa 1, she testifies to the course of this dramatic evening and the torment she experienced.

“My friend went home and in fact he was attacked by a dozen followers who insulted him, poked him…” she explains.

Taken to the opposing team’s locker room with her spouse

After these first incidents, the police “started pulling out the tear gas canisters. I don’t know what their gas was, it was so thick that we literally blew it up,” recalls the Frenchman. “The crowd ran away and went back to the stands to leave. And suddenly the security asked us to come down and they forced us to go to the opposing team’s dressing room,” she recalled.

The French woman adds that she and her spouse “were stranded in this room for about two hours, with no network, no anything. We only had messages from time to time from security telling us: ‘There are ten dead’, ‘there are 20 dead’, ‘there are 30 dead’, ‘there are 40 dead’ and we stopped at that number.” , the young woman specifies.

The law enforcement officers were mobilized

Outside, she and her companion saw “all the police — the army, the stadium security, the police — they were all sitting on the ground and nobody was talking,” she describes. They were breathing very heavily, they were coughing, some were bleeding. When we woke up in the morning, we saw that there were 59 dead,” emphasizes the young French woman.

The onslaught left 125 people dead, including 32 children, and more than 300 injured, according to a recent report Monday. The city’s police chief was fired and nine officers suspended.

Reference: www.europe1.fr

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