Super sturgeon moon and rain of shooting stars, it will shine in the sky of the Oise

Super sturgeon moon and rain of shooting stars, it will shine in the sky of the Oise

A particularly large moon and shooting stars should punctuate the next few nights in the sky of the Oise. Illustrative photo: Kristopher Roller / Unsplash.

The weather is fine, the weather is clear and the nights in the Oise are mild in this month of August. Enough to easily observe the celestial vault. And there are things to see, before the summer comes to an end. From this night from Thursday August 11 to Friday August 12, fans will be able to admire the last Supermoon of the year. To see such a big moon again, it will then be necessary to wait until 2023.

This is called “sturgeon”. But this adjective is not due to chance. As last July’s Supermoon was called “from thunder”, the name reflects the season. According to the American channel CBS, this name comes from the Native American tribes who lived around the Great Lakes of North America. This August Super Moon is so called because that was the time of year when the tribes most easily caught these large fish. The ideal time to observe the phenomenon is 3:36 a.m. in France, this Friday, August 12.

Two showers of shooting stars

The Super Moon is relatively rare. But this time, the event will be coupled with a shower of shooting stars. Indeed, the Perseids will reach their peak on the night of August 12 to 13. So many streaks of light should light up the sky tonight too, up to a hundred per hour at the peak.
In addition to the Perseids, a second shower of shooting stars is expected: that of the kappa-Cygnids. Less important and less known, its superposition with the other two astronomical events still promises a great night for amateurs.


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