Sustainable tire: Michelin is fighting a costly battle

Sustainable tire: Michelin is fighting a costly battle

Are the tires harmful to the environment? Yes damn it! But they heal. Tires made from natural or recycled materials are already on the horizon. A hellish revolution in sight. Two years ago, Michelin committed to developing a “sustainable” tire. And this Wednesday, October 5th, Florent Menegaux, president of the Auvergne manufacturer, announced that the tire champion would finally arrive on the market “within two to three years” of such envelopes. With “45% sustainable materials, based on natural rubber, carbon black from recycled tires, vegetable oils and resins, silica from rice husks, steel with recycled scrap metal,” explains Bruno de Feraudy, Michelin’s director of original equipment tires. This is for car tires.

Covers for buses score even better, scoring “58%” made from so-called sustainable materials. These tires are already road legal, as the French group announced during a visit by some journalists to the industrial site of Cuneo (Northern Italy). “3,700 material patents have already been filed,” specifies Brigitte Chauvin, Director of Sustainable Materials at Michelin. Today a car tire contains less than 30% natural or recycled materials. Michelin’s goal is to reach an average of 40% by 2030.

Tire rolling resistance accounts for 20% of fuel consumption


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