Suzuki S-Cross: a big, somewhat rustic Renault Captur

Suzuki S-Cross: a big, somewhat rustic Renault Captur

He is not young. Born in 2016, a year after the Vitara with which it shares everything except the bodywork, the Suzuki S-Cross has just been renewed. The front and rear of this SUV at the limit of the category of “small” and “compact”, have been deeply retouched. They make believe in a real novelty. However, many components, including the windows and several body parts, are the same as on the old one. And the dimensions remain equivalent. The wheelbase therefore remains extended by ten centimeters compared to the Vitara and the total length by 12 centimeters, which improves the space for the rear passengers and a (very small) bit the trunk. But the body remains very compact. Less known than the Vitara, this S-Cross deserves to be revisited. Suzuki shines with its discretion in France (20,000 total sales expected this year), but produces good little products, deemed to be rather reliable.

more muscular appearance

With a rounder body than the perfectly square Vitara, the S-Cross appeared less original, at its launch, closer to the equivalent SUVs of the competition like the Renault Captur. But the restyling suits it well, precisely giving a more muscular aspect to forms hitherto a little soft. In short, here is an aesthetically successful vehicle, even if we prefer the pure and hard mini-4×4 aspect of its little brother. The interior has also been redesigned. It is still taken from the Vitara, but with a larger, more modern, and therefore more complex screen. Too bad the Japanese manufacturer did not take the opportunity to bring a touch of cheerfulness and color in this uniformly black atmosphere.

The finish remains that of an economic model, but the assembly is of a very good standard. No complaints. The ergonomics are quite clear and simple, the driving position suitable with easy-to-use manual adjustments, the equipment largely sufficient and well thought out. We just regret that Suzuki has added irritating driving aids, to be cut from the start, such as parking radars which beep at the slightest obstacle and emergency braking assistance that is too sensitive. Unfortunately, you can’t turn off the rear three-quarter alert, which is much too loud and engages indiscriminately. We will also be annoyed by the stupid need to click on the icon confirming that we have read the page of childish recommendations. Otherwise, the screen refuses to work. Why do we take people for idiots? It’s a shame that Suzuki hastily added these annoying “tricks”. Otherwise, habitability and accessibility are excellent for the dimensions, as well as the visibility. We feel it in this S-Cross.

Suzuki S-Cross: a big, somewhat rustic Renault Captur


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