Suzuki Swace: A remarkable Toyota hybrid in the city and on the flat road

Suzuki Swace: A remarkable Toyota hybrid in the city and on the flat road

Do you like the Toyota Corolla? You’ll enjoy the Suzuki Swace just as much. Why ? Because it’s the same car! Renowned specialist in small cars and pocket 4x4s, the Japanese Suzuki has reached an agreement with its compatriot and shareholder (up to 5%). To artificially lower its CO2 emissions in Europe, using the famous hybrids of the world’s leading car manufacturer. Result: Suzuki markets the Corolla station wagon and the rechargeable Rav 4 SUV under its logo. Exchange of good practices: Suzuki, the king of the Indian market, offers its partner to better establish itself on the sub-continent by sharing its know-how in inexpensive mini-models… This sleight of hand always surprises the Europeans, but the Japanese have been happily exchanging models for a very long time. Without fearing for their identity.

The Swace, the subject of this test, now cohabits within Suzuki’s European range with its traditional models such as the small Swift and the mini-4x4s Jimny, Vitara, S-Cross. Suzuki hasn’t spent a lot of money to customize its Swace, which is identical to the Corolla, except for the badge and the front end. The differences are minimal. The two vehicles are produced on the same chain in Great Britain, in the same way that the Toyota Yaris “made in France” coexists in Valenciennes with its clone, the Mazda 2…

Lines and interior not to be criticized

The line is that of a pleasant, classic station wagon. Nothing to be ecstatic about or scandalized! It is in any case discreet and rather well proportioned. A commendable effort on the part of Toyota compared to its past extravagances! Inside, no change of scenery either. The interior layout of the Toyota Corolla is carried over as is, including its uniformly black ambiance. Shame. Like the gloomy atmosphere and the sturdy but rough and unwelcoming upholstered seats, the whole is typical of Toyota, that is to say rational, cold, simple, with easily identifiable controls and buttons. Except those operated from the rim of the steering wheel, a bit messy.

The overall ergonomics seem correct, without having to take the lead. We applaud the equally functional screen. And this Suzuki respects all driver settings. Even on reboot. We also welcome, once the disconnections are made, the relaxing absence of unwanted beeps. A car that doesn’t constantly remind the driver is great.


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