Sweden: Eurosceptic far right leads polls ahead of parliamentary elections

Sweden: Eurosceptic far right leads polls ahead of parliamentary elections

The far-right Sweden Democrats would have become the top right-wing opposition party according to polls on Monday (August 22), ahead of Sweden’s general elections in September.

According to the latest SVT/Novus opinion poll published on Monday, the far-right and eurosceptic Sweden Democrats (SD) party would have the support of 21.5% of voters called to vote on 11th September next. It is therefore well ahead of the main opposition party, the moderate right-wing party, which would obtain 17.4%.

This new poll reveals that the Sweden Democrats are the second largest party in Sweden after the ruling Social Democrats and could see SD leader Jimmie Åkesson become Prime Minister.

However, given this new poll, Mr. Åkesson was asked about the formation of a government during an interview on Swedish radio.

SD leader says he doesn’t want to make an announcement ahead of election, either on whether he will claim the role of prime minister if his side comes out on top, or whether the SD will ask to join of a future right-wing government.

“I don’t think I should sit there and draw red lines on what the government should look like right now. We will have to decide that after the elections. If it were up to me, I would be in a majority government, but I have no right to do this alone”he told P3.

The relationship between Sweden’s moderates and democrats has often come up in the run-up to elections. Opposition and moderate party leader Ulf Kristersson blocked the way for the far-right party to be allowed to sit in a possible right-wing government, but last week gave the SD party the chance to play a role in the political arena.

“I want to give them a serious influence that we agree on before the election of the government. That we have a common vision of what we want to achieve and that we have concrete objectives”Mr. Kristersson told DN.

The Novus poll also indicates that the Swedish elections will be extremely close since the difference between the right and left blocs is only 0.3 percentage points.

The ruling Social Democrats, the Greens, the Left Party and the Center Party together get 49.6%, while the right-wing Moderates, Christian Democrats, Liberals and far-right Swedish Democrats are close behind them at 49.3%.

In practice, this means that only one seat in 349 separates the blocks.

Reference: www.euractiv.fr

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