Sweden: New government ends ‘feminist’ foreign policy

Sweden: New government ends ‘feminist’ foreign policy

Sweden’s new foreign minister, Tobias Billström, said on Tuesday (18 October) that he wanted to end foreign policy “Feminist” of Sweden when the new government takes office.

New Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson unveiled his new government on Tuesday, made up of ministers elected from the three parties in his coalition: the Moderates (13 ministers), the Christian Democrats (6) and the Liberals (5). Thus, the leader of the Christian Democrats, Ebba Busch, became Minister for Energy and Food and the leader of the Liberals, Johan Pehrson, Minister for Labor Markets and Integration.

“Change was needed, change is now possible”said Ulf Kristersson in his introductory speech to the Swedish Riksdag and added “This cooperation lays the foundation for a long-term solution to Sweden’s biggest social problems.”

After the presentation of the new government, newly appointed Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom said in an interview with the daily The Evening Paper that it will end “Sweden’s Feminist Foreign Policy” when the new government takes office.

“We will not engage in feminist foreign policy. That label didn’t help much. It obscured the fact that Swedish foreign policy should be based on Swedish interests and values.he explained.

Under the previous social democratic government, in power since 2008, Sweden passed a “feminist foreign policy”defined as a policy that promotes equality between women and men as a fundamental goal of Swedish foreign policy.

This policy included respect for the fundamental human rights of women and girls, both as an obligation under international obligations and as a condition for achieving Sweden’s broader foreign policy goals related to peace, security and sustainable development.

But for Billstrom, the new government faces other major foreign policy challenges.

“The biggest and most important task is the one formulated by the Prime Minister in the government declaration. To ensure that NATO membership is successful and that we can fulfill the parts of the tripartite agreement between Turkey, Finland and Sweden so that we can become members and improve our security situation.”he said SVT Messages.

Mr. Billström stressed that the dialogue with Ankara will not change under the new government.

“It is important that we have a positive dialogue in this area, you will not see any difference with the outgoing government. This issue received broad support in Parliament. The policy in this area is set”he said to him SVT.

Turkey presented a list of requirements to approve Finland and Sweden’s application for NATO membership. These include demands that Sweden resume exporting arms to Turkey and that Stockholm sever all ties with the YPG militia – which Ankara considers a terrorist organization – and extradite certain Kurdish political refugees accused by Ankara of terrorism.

Reference: www.euractiv.fr

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