Sweet whipped cream. A motorist disputes a parking report, He is sent back to correctional for slanderous denunciation

Sweet whipped cream. A motorist disputes a parking report, He is sent back to correctional for slanderous denunciation

Christian Lenoble, from Chantilly (Oise) is convinced of this: the municipal police have committed a forgery in writing against him. The prosecutor, for his part, sees it rather as a slanderous denunciation against the agents.

Christian Lenoble has just found out the hard way. We do not contest with impunity a parking ticket in the good city of Chantilly. We do not question the supporting documents presented by the municipal police. We do not file a complaint, either, with the public prosecutor of Senlis for “false in writingagainst the local constabulary. Otherwise, the penalty falls. This is how Christian Lenoble will have to answer for his presumptuousness before the court, Monday, October 31 at 8:45 a.m.
The prosecutor accuses him of the offense of slanderous denunciation. He will appear forhaving, in Chantilly, on May 2, 2022, when he knew them to be totally or partially inaccurate, denounced by any means to the public prosecutor facts likely to lead to judicial, administrative or disciplinary sanctions to the detriment of members of the police municipality of Chantilly in this case by filing a complaint on the count of forgery in public writing which would have been constituted by a notice of violation for illegal parking dated October 2, 2021.»

All this for a PV of 35 euros

Christian Lenoble’s car.

We bet that the task of the judges will be difficult because they will first have to decipher all this rigmarole. Clearly, the “proc” is angry because Mr. Christian Lenoble, a well-known notable from rue du Connétable in Chantilly, is convinced that the municipal police of his city have tampered with a photo in order to justify a false parking report and because that he filed a complaint for forgery in public writing. The facts date back to Saturday October 2, 2021 shortly before noon. That day, as so often on Saturdays, Christian Lenoble left his home to go to Place Omer Vallon, at the tobacco bar Le Paris. The distance is about 700 meters but he takes his vehicle because, at 75 years old, if he still has a strong character and a big mouth, his legs are no longer so strong.
He arrives with his big all-electric Audi at 110,000 euros, registered 007 like a very special agent, and parks in a normal space and not in one of the two places reserved for electric car charging.
His bistro friends, a former deputy mayor and an influential businessman, will attest that Mr. Lenoble’s Audi was not parked in the electric charging places but in the normal places.
Moreover, Christian Lenoble takes a ticket through his PayByPhone application. So far so good.
But a few days later, Mrs. Lenoble (because the car is in the name of Mrs.) receives a notice of fine for 35 euros with the following description of the offense: “Inconvenient parking of a vehicle in front of a device intended for recharging electric vehicles.» Date and time: 02/10/2021 at 11:57 a.m. Location: Place Omer Vallon Chantilly. Impossible, roared Christian Lenoble.

Where is the car parked?

The pictures taken by the municipal police of Chantilly, justifying their verbalization.

He calls the municipal police chief who sends him for any justification two photos of his Audi e-tron FS-007-RM vehicle, taken from the front and from behind, parked in front of the charging station with the mention of the date and the time: the first, October 2, 2021 at 11:59 a.m., and the second at 12:00 p.m.
We will agree. The same vehicle cannot be parked in two places about fifteen meters apart at the same time. Christian Lenoble is sure of his fact. His two friends testify that he was parked next to the bus shelter. He took a parking ticket whereas at the location of the terminals, there is no need to take a parking ticket. And above all, he has irrefutable proof. The Freshmile company, which manages the electric charging stations, wrote to him: “Following our investigation, we inform you that only the AVAR1 charging point (where the Audi is in the town hall photos) was used in the time slot you provided.“However, if the AVAR1 charging point is used, Christian Lenoble’s Audi cannot be fined for awkward parking”in front of a device for recharging electric vehicles“.
Christian Lenoble adds: “Why would I rot my life for a 35 euro ticket if I wasn’t sure I was right? The PV, I always pay them without reluctance. But there, there is obviously a forgery in writing, which justifies my complaint to the prosecutor.»
Yes, but now, the prosecutor felt he was pushing the envelope a little too far. And a few weeks before his departure for the court of Meaux, the prosecutor Bladier concludes the story with a referral to correctional.


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