Tanguy (RN): “The Assembly, a unique opportunity to give us credibility”

Tanguy (RN): “The Assembly, a unique opportunity to give us credibility”

This is one of the revelations of the first weeks of debates in the Assembly. Jean-Philippe Tanguy, deputy president of the National Rally group, stood out for his acerbic verb and his frontal attacks against the Insoumis dances the hemicycle. While the far-right party intends to take advantage of its presence at the Palais Bourbon to gain credibility, the right arm of Marine Le Pen, a former close collaborator of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, claims a precise opposition to the government: frontal on security issues and sovereignty, more measured on measures favorable to purchasing power. He also intends to fight economic prejudice against the RN, which only 33% of French people consider capable of governing, even if it means playing the tightrope walker: “When I hear that we would be close to the Communist Party on the economy, it’s ridiculous .”

Challenges: What is your assessment of these first weeks spent in the National Assembly? Is the strategy of respectability initiated by the National Rally bearing fruit?

Jean-Philippe Tanguy, deputy president of the RN at the National Assembly: I believe him. We applied what we had promised the French by choosing our fights: a frontal and intransigent opposition on the subjects which deserve to fight and a more measured, constructive opposition, on the projects of the majority which can be supported or which do not deserve not too outrageous an opposition. If you send the French the signal that everything is equal, that each measure put forward by the government is essentially negative, you become inaudible. This is basically what the Nupes did not understand. The Macron bonus, for example, is not worth spending two weeks rolling on the ground. It will be largely ineffective, it will not affect many people, but it is not an economic crime either. Our compass is the Navy program. Just the Navy program. Does the Macron bonus go against him? No. Of which act.

Will wearing a tie and refraining from heckling in the hemicycle be enough to change the image of a party still largely rejected by the French: 48% consider it a danger to democracy, 29% are in accordance with his ideas, 33% think he is capable of governing according to a Kantar poll?

These polls should be viewed with great caution. First, because I don’t think our competitors are necessarily in a better position. Then, because it says nothing about the credibility of political parties. Take the ecologists, adored by the French in the polls… nobody votes for them! Finally in the case of the National Rally, they are constantly progressing. Marine Le Pen’s image has improved considerably. The only thing that we lacked in the between-two-rounds of the presidential election was an ability to present relays of power and a government cast likely to reassure the French. This opportunity is offered to us today by our group in the National Assembly. We will be able to present a much more developed alternative than before, and be better identified by the French.

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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