Tarigny. A 24-year-old ejected from his vehicle, helicoptered in serious condition

Tarigny. A 24-year-old ejected from his vehicle, helicoptered in serious condition

The state of health of the main victim required his transport by helicopter – Illustration photo by Maxence Pira / Unsplash

The accident occurred at the exit of Tartigny northeast of Beauvais on Thursday July 28 around 8:30 p.m. A 24-year-old young man from the town was seriously injured after being ejected from his vehicle. His condition required the intervention of a helicopter to transport him to the hospital in Amiens, in a state qualified by the emergency services as “absolute emergency”.

One of the exits from Tartigny on the D63 forms a crossroads towards the communes of Breteuil, Paillart and Rouvroy-les-Merles. It was at this intersection that the “high kinetic” shock, according to the firefighters, occurred between two vehicles. The emergency services report four other injuries, classified as “relative emergency”. These victims, two adults and two children, were taken by ambulance to the general hospital center in Amiens.

The seriously injured youngster is a young volunteer firefighter

As for the young man ejected from the vehicle, it is Gaëtan Defossez, 24 years old. He is from Tartigny even if he no longer lives there. He is also a volunteer firefighter at the Breteuil-sur-Noye rescue center.

The mayor of Tartigny, Pierre Masschelein, is not surprised by the accident on Thursday evening. “It’s even surprising that it didn’t happen sooner”, he laments. He regrets the absence “stop at this place”, what drives motorists traveling “on the departmental to believe priority”. If in this crossroads the rule is on the contrary to priority on the right, the circumstances of the accident remain however undetermined for the time being.


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