Taxonomy: Austria to sue EU

Taxonomy: Austria to sue EU

After the European Parliament voted in favor of classifying nuclear and gas projects as “green” investments, Austria reacted strongly by declaring that it would take the European Union to court over the controversial decision.

Vienna had already announced in November that it would take legal action if the EU’s green taxonomy were to include nuclear energy, and it renewed this commitment after the European Parliament failed to muster a majority for object to the delegated act.

“We have already seriously prepared for this case over the past few weeks and months and we will bring our legal action within the time limit set for this purpose”, Austrian Climate Minister Leonore Gewessler said in a statement. Mrs Gewessler described this decision as a real “green washing” and stressed that it did not meet the ambitions of the European Green Deal (Green Deal).

She also indicated that this taxonomy is neither “credible” neither “ambitious” and that it is not based “about knowledge”adding that she even puts “in danger our future” because she is “more than irresponsible”.

Luxembourg has already announced that it would support Austria in its approach. “We will consider other legal measures with Austria”announced the Luxembourg Minister of Energy, Claude Turmes, on Twitter.

Spain and Denmark also signaled before the vote that they would consider joining the process. Germany, on the other hand, which initially declared that it would ” examine “ the option of legal action, ultimately decided not to do the same.

Under pressure from their social democratic and liberal coalition partners, German environmentalists decided to reverse their position.

“We do not see filing a complaint as the way to go”a government spokesman said on Wednesday.

Austria, which chose not to rely on nuclear power plants in the 1970s, has long been critical of the inclusion of nuclear in the EU’s green taxonomy, and all parties agree on this point. All Austrian MEPs, except one, voted against the taxonomy.


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