Test: 600 km at the wheel of the Mercedes EQE 350+

Test: 600 km at the wheel of the Mercedes EQE 350+

Our tests prove it regularly: The electric models from Mercedes-Benz are among the best that are equipped for long journeys. That seems to boost confidence in the brand, which invited us on a road trip at the wheel of its latest EQE model between Geneva and Strasbourg via Basel and the Black Forest. That’s almost 600 kilometers on varied roads, which we were able to assess well electric sedan, little sister of the EQS started a year ago.

With a sisterhood between EQS and EQE one could almost speak of inbreeding, since the two models are so similar at first glance. The two electric sedans from the brand with the star share the same unibody front and the same low waistline. In order to respect the hierarchy, the new display shows the dimensions a little more conservatively: At 4.96 m, the EQE remains very long, but makes the EQS 26 cm. The wheelbase is 3.12 m, which is 9 cm less than the EQS. It’s gigantic and provides ample legroom in the rear, even if, like the EQS, the low roof guard and location of the battery under the floor impose a reclined posture on rear passengers, less comfortable than in an E-Class.

The Mercedes EQE manages to show real character

At first glance, the Mercedes EQE has everything that the EQS has in reduction. So much so that one could find the resemblance between these two models almost as strong as between the two S Class versions, short wheelbase and long wheelbase… However, not as fast! We are already assured within the brand that the clientele of the EQS is not as upscale as that of the S-Class sedan. Then it’s worth pointing out some real differences. If confusion is possible regarding the first half of the profile (apart from the grille, which from certain angles is reminiscent of the Honda Civic 9), doubts are raised at the rear. While the EQS’s flowing rear includes a wide tailgate, The EQE has a classic trunk, more prominent… And with a narrower opening, so less practical. The volume of 430 liters also seems a bit disappointing for such a size.

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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