The autonomous car, this mercenary paid for the mission

The autonomous car, this mercenary paid for the mission

Engage the autopilot at the entrance to the highway and indulge in the delights of a refreshing nap at 130 km/h? This sweet dream will not materialize for many years. However, the Volkswagen Group and Volvo Cars are already thinking about the price at which they will be able to charge this functionality, which opens the door to the sale of video streams via a dedicated platform. The aim is to occupy and distract the motorist relieved of the task of driving.

Such an architecture is under construction at Cariad, the division of the Volkswagen Group tasked with this daunting task. “The model of online subscription and invoicing of services on demand offers enormous potential”, confided to the Bloomberg agency its director, Dirk Hilgenberg. “Our ambition is to build a platform that will allow you to connect to your Google, Apple or Amazon accounts, to access your entertainment or work content; to launch a videoconference or prepare a presentation”, describes Dirk Hilgenberg.

Autonomous driving will only be one service among others, on board the connected car

For this summer, however, it’s grated. Mercedes is the most advanced manufacturer on the road to self-driving automobiles (Level 5 of 5 autonomy). However, the German has just been authorized to market its semi-autonomous level 3 system on its Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Mercedes EQS. Their very partial autonomy is only valid for the 13,191 kilometers of the German motorway network, and only at less than 60 km/h. Everywhere else, the assistance drops to level 2, that is to say “hands on the steering wheel and gaze on the road”, on a par with what cars as financially affordable as the Renault Clio or the Opel Corsa can do. .


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