The College of Physicians removes all restrictions on the abortion pill

The College of Physicians removes all restrictions on the abortion pill

“In the light of the evidence collected and analyzed on the use of the abortion pill”, the College of Physicians announces the lifting of all restrictions related to the prescription of the abortion pill.

Until recently, patients wanting access to the abortion pill had to undergo an ultrasound, and doctors had to be trained to be able to prescribe the drug. The terms surrounding the issue of ultrasound had been modulated during the pandemic.

These two obligations are therefore lifted as of today. However, all physicians must ensure that they have the “necessary knowledge and skills” to prescribe this medication. Clinicians must now consider the abortion pill “like any other care, drug or treatment, in accordance with its ethical obligations”.

The role of the College is to ensure the protection of the public, but it also has a duty to ensure that its rules reflect advances in science, evidence, and the evolution of society. That’s what he’s doing today.

The President of the College of Physicians of Quebec, Mauril Gaudreault, MD

The College of Physicians no longer imposes training on its members to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to prescribe the abortion pill. However, it ensures that training is accessible and available to them.

This question has been under study since January, the aim being to update the measures surrounding the accessibility of the pill. Other aspects related to the voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG), such as the maximum number of weeks of gestation to prescribe it as well as the contribution of other health professionals for the prescription of this medication, will be explored by the work group.

On June 29, 262 doctors wrote an open letter asking the College of Physicians to lift all restrictions on access to the abortion pill.

In the press release issued on Thursday, the College of Physicians highlights the recent US Supreme Court ruling related to abortion. This would have contributed to bringing to the fore questions concerning issues related to access to the abortion pill.

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