“The conditions to get back on the horse have been met,” says Mélenchon happily for the Nupes

“The conditions to get back on the horse have been met,” says Mélenchon happily for the Nupes

“The conditions to get back on the horse are met,” Jean-Luc Mélenchon told AFP on Friday, referring to the social movement and the Sunday march in Paris for the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes).

According to the former presidential candidate (21.95% in April), Emmanuel Macron “has no more power, he can no longer stand and this is an irreversible factor of fragility”.

“After the +Yellow Vests+, he still hasn’t understood that mobility is a key issue,” said Mr Mélenchon, marveling at the refinery strikes that are leading to a fuel shortage in the country.

In Nupes, after the Quatennens and Bayou affairs that destabilized the left, “the conditions are in place to get back on the horse,” the tribune hoped. “Aurore Bergé did us a favor by insulting us, she united our ranks”.

The patron saint of Renaissance MPs had assessed after a tweet by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who compared the march against the high cost of living and inaction on the climate to the French Revolution: “I don’t think it’s credible, continue a man to be because he is political he is not responsible and dignified in his statements”.

“The turning point for the filling of our buses (chartered from cities in France to Paris, ed.) was when they reached our march, in a country where people know better than anywhere else the difference between symbolic violence and understand real violence,” he told Mr Melenchon.

“If I calmly call everyone to demonstrate, no one cares… I had to set the mood,” he smiled.

Still, he resented the possibility of thugs or “black blocks” spoiling the demonstration: “How often do we have to endure people being afraid to go to a demonstration?”

In the National Assembly, with setbacks for the Macaronia in the budget review, “the Norias (the Insoumis and the Nupes) are starting up again, that creates solidarity and an atmosphere, they live together,” says Jean-Luc Mélenchon with satisfaction .

He expected Emmanuel Macron to disband in more or less the near future: “Do you see him every day bringing an amendment to the National Assembly?”

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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