The cost of raw materials explodes on electric cars

The cost of raw materials explodes on electric cars

In 2028, electric vehicles (cars and light commercial vehicles) will represent 44% of the European auto market (8% in 2021), 40% in China, 28% in North America, according to Alix Partners. By adding rechargeable hybrids, the consultant expects 56% of electrified models on the Old Continent in six years (14% in 2021), 46% in China, 32% across the Atlantic. The European Parliament voted on June 8 in favor of banning thermal vehicles, even rechargeable hybrids, on sale in 2035. The European Council should ratify this ban at the end of June.

From 2024, the ten main manufacturers will offer 221 electric models worldwide (80 in 2021), according to the study by Alix Partners unveiled on Thursday. Automotive groups will also have announced over the past two years 94 billion dollars of investments to be made on purely electric vehicle programs in Europe for the four-year period 2022-2026, i.e. almost twice as much as for the period 2020-2024. For the whole world, the investments announced amount to more than 520 billion (230 covering the years 2020-2024).


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