The election of deputy LR Maxime Minot threatened by an appeal from the candidate RN

The election of deputy LR Maxime Minot threatened by an appeal from the candidate RN

The RN candidate in the seventh constituency of the Oise criticizes the re-elected LR deputy Maxime Minot for having used a vehicle bearing his image during the electoral campaign.- Photo: Maxime Minot / Facebook

RN candidate for the legislative elections in the seventh constituency of Oise (Creil / Clermont), Tristan Szyszka intends to play the extensions. Eliminated in the first round, he announced, this Monday, June 27, to have filed an appeal before the Constitutional Council. The objective: to purely and simply cancel the election of deputy LR Maxime Minot, re-elected on June 19.

Tristan Szyszka points out in a press release “the regular, massive and non-isolated use of a motorhome flocked in the colors of the candidate and ostensibly displaying his campaign slogan“. This is the famous “Minot Mobile”, used by the person concerned during the campaigns of the first and second rounds. The RN candidate sees several breaches of article L-51 of the electoral code. “This would form a systematic and regular recourse to wild posting outside the places provided for this purpose by law.“, he assures. “Frequentation of the places of circulation and stopping of the vehicle would be likely to alter the sincerity of the ballot, in particular because of the small difference in votes between Maxime Minot and me.»

Very supervised campaign posters

The difference in votes in the first round between the LR and RN candidates is 446. And, indeed, article L-51 of the electoral code specifies that the display takes place exclusively in the place provided for this purpose. He states that he is “prohibited outside this space or on the space reserved for other candidates, as well as outside the free expression display panels when there are any.»

Maxime Minot constantly highlighted his “Minot Mobile” in his publications on social networks and himself praised the merits of this machine on the evening of his victory. The sages of the Constitutional Council now have their hands on the file.


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