The electric car made of wood, guarantor of rural mobility

The electric car made of wood, guarantor of rural mobility

At first sight, small children only have one wish: to get in and do “Vom-Vom”. In fact, with its simple and clean shapes, its large transparent plastic doors and its rear compartment in lacquered wood, the kilo car “La Bagnole” furiously recalls those racing cars “for fakes” that stand on the sand in the heart of playgrounds.

An electric cart that is easy to craft and easy to repair

This big toy look will discourage some potential customers from taking the “La Bagnole” developed by KG Automobile (a subsidiary of the Savoy group) seriously. But “beneath its regressive appearance, a vehicle actually hides well more practical and rational than you think‘ pleads Arthur Allamand, director of the Savoy Group. Based in Haute Savoie, this automotive supplier masters “the technologies of bar turning, fine blanking, plastic injection molding, design and manufacture of electronic cards, high-speed assembly, 3D laser printing on metal and plastic”.

This know-how was used to design a small, streamlined car, “with an artisanal assembly that does not use an energy-intensive process or a process to melt non-recyclable materials”. No stamping, a technique that requires heavy investment: the bonnet and roof are made of Dibond, a PHED plastic sheet sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum that is easy to shape at low temperature. As far as the rear hull (620 liters payload) is concerned, it stays the same plywood panels. The assembly is bolted (no gluing) to an ultra-rigid aluminum tube structure.

For those who want to save the planet and their purchasing power, “less is more”


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