The EU is preparing to face winter

The EU is preparing to face winter

The sky is darkening in Europe, whether because of the war that is being played out in its backyard, rising prices or energy shortages, the situation has not been this serious for decades. The continent is now preparing to face a long and difficult winter.

At the same time, after the summer, the European institutions will continue to put in place measures and develop legislation aimed at encouraging the bloc’s member states to become more environmentally friendly, more resilient and more capable of facing global challenges.

In this special edition, EURACTIV looks at the challenges of this autumn and how the European Union is preparing to face the storm that is looming, including the legislative changes that will be put on the table.

  • Review of the EU’s trade policy

    News | International trade

    After a slow-moving year, the timetable for the European Union’s free trade policy is accelerating under the Czech Presidency of the EU Council. Nevertheless, the unilateral trade measures that are currently being negotiated within the bloc seem to be maintaining their momentum.

  • An update on European labour policy

    News | Economy

    After significant progress in European labour policy and social rights in the first half of 2022, all eyes are now on the Czech Presidency of the Council to see if this dynamic will continue.


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