The ex-collaborator of Agnès Thill (UDI) turns to Philippe Ballard (RN), which is not to the taste of Nadège Lefèbvre (LR)

The ex-collaborator of Agnès Thill (UDI) turns to Philippe Ballard (RN), which is not to the taste of Nadège Lefèbvre (LR)

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We thought the “legislative elections” section closed with the election of Philippe Ballard (RN) in the 2nd constituency of Oise. But some elected officials still have accounts to render. And it is, as often, on Facebook that it happens.

This Friday July 8, the president of the department Nadège Lefèbvre (LR) published a “small tweak“, on the famous social network. She attacks her detractors who would have blamed her for supporting Ludovic Castanié, then dissident LR, during the campaign. Despite the official support of the Republicans for Agnès Thill, the outgoing deputy of the UDI.

Today, the trigger is the appearance of Isabelle Lescalle, former collaborator of Agnès Thill, alongside MP Philippe Ballard. The president of the department perceives this reversal as proof that Ludovic Castanié was better than Agnès Thill to represent LR in the elections. “My choice was the right one, I supported the LR candidate, the most loyal“, she supports.

(Facebook screenshot – Nadège Lefèbvre)

“She acts exactly like insubordinate France

During the campaign, the former deputy had also repeatedly underlined the position of Nadège Lefèbvre as something problematic vis-à-vis her party. Contacted, Agnès Thill today defends her ex-collaborator. “He is someone who is looking for work and who has acquired the skills of parliamentary attaché for five years“, she explains. Before adding, ironically:Nadège Lefèbvre therefore prefers that my former collaborator points to unemployment and is paid by social benefits rather than working? LRs and work values…»

The former member sees something personal in it. Nadege Lefebvreseems to hate us from the start. I do not know why”, she says. She goes further, attributing to him a behavior “undemocratic“. “She acts exactly like La France insoumise and Louis Boyard“, tackles the former elected in reference to the deputy of Nupes who refused to shake hands with the RN deputies in the National Assembly.

Details of Philippe Ballard

Contacted this Friday, Philippe Ballard specifies that Isabelle Lescalle has not yet signed her contract but that it should be her, his parliamentary attaché.

He also adds that he spoke several times with Ludovic Castanié during the campaign. And for the deputy, the gap between their positions on security and purchasing power is “thick as cigarette paper“. Which would therefore not justify, for him, the reaction of Nadège Lefèbvre.


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