The Ford Transit’s metamorphosis isn’t just electric

The Ford Transit’s metamorphosis isn’t just electric

More than 200,000 Americans have ordered an electric variant of the F-150 pickup truck, the best-selling vehicle of any category in the United States. The enthusiasm is so great that the manufacturer had to find ways to push the envelope and triple its production capacity in a matter of months. Without being able to reduce the delivery times to a reasonable level. Can the Ford Transit – the best-selling van in Europe – expect a comparable success?

The Transit’s electric conversion is an opportunity for a thorough overhaul of its structure and layout

The Ford Transit family has had a variant with a 100% electric motor for a year now. But that E-Transit there (already more than 8,300 sold in the US and Europe) is a big beast, with a gross vehicle weight rating ranging from 3.5 tons to 4.25 tons, for 1,758 kg of payload. While the Ford E-Transit Custom, presented with great fanfare on September 8, only carries a maximum of 1,100 kilograms. Its body is less bulky, but it can still hold 5.8-9 m3 of goods.

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Another key difference where the E-Transit’s battery conforms to an existing body is aiming for the E-Transit Custom’s unique body bend to the contours of the battery, optimized both in form and in capacity. The floor has been designed to be as tight as possible, as tight as a “vacuum plastic bag”, describes Ted Cannis, director of Ford Pro. This puts it below that of the current Transit Custom with a diesel engine. A performance that helps reduce the overall height of the vehicle to less than 2 meters to facilitate access to underground car parks.


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