The funeral of Elizabeth II will take place on Monday 19 September

The funeral of Elizabeth II will take place on Monday 19 September

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who died in Scotland on Thursday, will take place in London on Monday, September 19, Buckingham Palace announced on Saturday. Leaders from around the world are expected to attend the funeral, which will take place at 11am French time in Westminster Abbey. King Charles III, his son who succeeded him, declared a public holiday in Great Britain on the occasion.

A challenge for the British police

The event promises to be “the largest law enforcement operation” in its history as British police prepare for their first state funeral in nearly 60 years. Police have pulled from their archives the old protocols for Queen Elizabeth II’s grandiose funeral, which promises to be a headache: welcoming the leaders of the planet’s great powers while drawing millions of visitors to London.

Before the ceremony, the body will be on public display in Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the Houses of Parliament, after a procession through the streets of London for four days. Among the expected personalities are the American Presidents Joe Biden and the French Emmanuel Macron, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and many leaders of the former British colonies.

It will also be Japanese Emperor Naruhito’s first foreign trip since ascending to the throne in 2019 after his father’s abdication. “This will arguably be the largest police and police operation ever in the UK,” Nick Aldworth, former National Police Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, told the newspaper. That Independently.

“All it takes is a car, one person wanting to commit an act of hate, and then not only do you have a constitutional event going wrong, but you also have injuries and deaths,” he continues. He notes that the ceremony will take place in the context of a “global threat of a very different level” than previous royal funerals, such as that of the Queen Mother in 2002 or even that of Princess Diana five years earlier.

The UK has been hit by several attacks over the past decade, most notably a series of bloody attacks in London, Manchester and other cities targeted by jihadists.

Plan globally

The current national threat level, set by MI5 security services and calculated taking into account the likelihood of a broader attack, is “severe”. London’s Metropolitan Police said on Friday they had begun to implement their “often repeated” plans for the 10-day national official mourning before the funeral of the longest-serving monarch of her 70-year reign.

“We will ensure security through clearly identifiable patrols,” police said. “The public will also see officers stationed at key locations including transport, royal parks and outside the royal residences in London.” of the Metropolitan Police who look after security in this central London business district.

“The comprehensive policing plan” will be particularly visible in and around Westminster, which includes Parliament, the Abbey and Buckingham Palace, said Stuart Cundy, the Met’s deputy commissioner. A sign already that the capital is starting to shield itself, many streets were closed on Saturday for the official proclamation of the new king, the start of Charles III’s reign, and many police officers in the streets.


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