The government is revoting in the middle of the night to cut 500 million in aid for retirees

The government is revoting in the middle of the night to cut 500 million in aid for retirees

By Fabrice Alves-Teixeira

The additional revaluation of 500 million only lasted a few hours.

For some opposition members, it is “an attack on democracy”. For others, a terrible “symbol” at a time when the government is working on the issue of purchasing power: last night, the parliamentary majority voted again to remove an additional revolarisation of 500 million euros for retirement pensions. The affair was played out in two acts.

In the afternoon of Tuesday July 26, the Assembly therefore plans the examination of the amending budget and its measures in favor of purchasing power. In difficulty since the legislative elections with only its relative majority – obtained in the Assembly, the presidential party was then overwhelmed by the left and the far right: an amendment proposed by the deputy Charles de Courson of the group Libertés, Indépendants, Outre -sea and Territory, is adopted by 186 votes against 181. A slap in the face for the majority. This amendment proposes to increase retirement pensions by an additional 500 million to take into account “the actual level of inflation”. The adoption of the Courson amendment is a small tour de force for the opposition, and a real crash for the majority, which is then imposed 500 million in unforeseen expenses. All the oppositions, except the LRs, voted overwhelmingly in favor of this text.

On social networks, opposition MPs can then exult:

But “sore loser” as the socialist deputy Jérôme Guedj will say later, the government therefore decides to have the amendment in question voted again. By rounding up its troops in the middle of the night, the presidential majority canceled the amendment: 224 votes against, 121 votes for.

The oppositions who were rejoicing a few hours earlier can only show their resentment and their anger, denouncing “scandalous methods”.


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