The government outvoted once again in the Assembly

The government outvoted once again in the Assembly

Big accident for the majority: the National Assembly voted Tuesday, July 26, against the advice of the government, an additional revaluation of 500 million euros for retirement pensions, within the framework of the examination of the draft rectified budget for 2022.

The vote for this amendment by the independent group Libertés, Independants, Overseas Territories and Territories (LIOT) was won by 186 votes to 181, with the left immediately celebrating a “great victory” and the RN deputies a “breath of oxygen” for retirees. The right-wing dominated Senate may, however, reconsider this vote.

Shared LR group

The amendment provides for a revaluation of pensions taking into account the real level of inflation, i.e. for 2022 at 5.5%, while the government has proposed a cumulative revaluation of 5.1% (1.1% in January then 4% in July).

Almost all the opposition deputies voted for, only the LR group divided between for, against and abstention, while the majority united to oppose it, in vain.

The Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire tried to demine the subject, assuring that in view of galloping inflation, “there will most likely be another revaluation of pensions in January 2023”.

Multiple pitfalls

The consideration since Friday by the Assembly of the draft rectified budget is strewn with pitfalls for the majority.

Monday evening July 25, for example, 230 million euros for homes heating with fuel oil were approved against the advice of the government, which favored aid of 50 million euros. The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, had called loud and clear for budgetary moderation, while 44 billion euros in credits are already open: “Let’s keep the public accounts!”

On Saturday, the Assembly decided to allocate 120 million to the departments which pay the RSA in 2022, to fully compensate for the 4% increase in this benefit programmed by the State. The measure was obtained by the conjunction of the favorable votes of the left, the RN, the LRs but also the deputies of the Horizons group. This is the first time that these allies of the majority – since Horizons was created by former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe – marked their difference.

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On the one hand the government, deprived of an absolute majority, is trying to complete the first reading of this draft budget, which was originally due to end last Friday evening, so that the Senate can consider it this week in committee. On the other hand, the oppositions, especially on the left, are defending their proposals step by step and are trying to wrest everything they can, in support of galloping inflation.

“We are witnessing a real distortion of the democratic debate”, with “endless” debates and “pure political politics”, denounced Bruno Le Maire on Monday evening, as discussions dragged on on access to water. or firefighters.

The insubordinate France answered him sharply on Tuesday. “There is a re-parliamentarization of political life”, welcomed Alexis Corbière on LCI.

Physical limits

The deputy warned against “Macronian propaganda”, with an “anti-parliamentary speech which consists of saying: ‘It is an assembly of chatterers, they are wasting the government’s time’”. His colleague Adrien Quatennens added to France Inter: “The era of a Parliament room for recording the wishes of the President of the Republic is over”.

Still, in the majority as in the opposition, weariness pierces after these days and nights almost nonstop for more than a week. “We are women and men with physical limits”, slips an elected official.

The exchanges experienced a surge of tension on Tuesday, when the recent occupation of Bruno Le Maire’s second home in the Basque Country by housing rights activists was mentioned, about an amendment to overtax these residences. “Many of us have experienced threats,” lamented Sylvain Maillard (LREM).

“positive arm wrestling”

As in recent days already, the deputies have the will to solemnly adopt the entire rectified draft budget overnight, after the vote on Friday in the early morning of the “emergency” bill on purchasing power.

The LRs will vote mostly in favor, said their president Olivier Marleix, satisfied with the “positive showdown with the government” which has made it possible to take measures on fuel, the purchase of RTTs by companies, and even the tax exemption of overtime.

The left should vote against. “We cannot support this package (on) purchasing power co-constructed with the right” and of which “equality and social justice are the major absentees”, according to a spokesperson for PS deputies, Arthur Delaporte .

On the RN side, “the vote for is extremely unlikely”, indicated Jean-Philippe Tanguy, notably regretting the rejection of VAT cuts.

This vote will mark the end of the first round at the Palais-Bourbon. The ministers are asked to “participate in the work” until the end of the parliamentary session scheduled for this stage on August 7, recommended Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.



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