The Grandes Ecoles, “places of male power”: the senator of Oise Laurence Rossignol proposes quotas for female students

The Grandes Ecoles, “places of male power”: the senator of Oise Laurence Rossignol proposes quotas for female students

For Laurence Rossignol, the low presence of female students in the Grandes Ecoles is part of a “deterrence strategy”. – Photo: François Nerrand / Oise Hebdo.

Women are still not welcome in the grandes écoles and in engineering schools“. This observation is drawn up, bitterly, by the senator of Oise PS Laurence Rossignol: “notWe need engineers, we need people who work in technological fields, including in the context of ecological transition. But these great schools remain places of male powers. This is a real problem that needs to be solved.»

The parliamentarian and former minister has already proposed an idea on social networks: establishing quotas. Laurence Rossignol also intends to mention it during the hearing in the Senate of Isabelle Lonvis-Rome, Minister Delegate for Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, scheduled for this Wednesday, July 27, in the afternoon. “I have already spoken about it with the representatives of engineering associations and major schools“, adds Laurence Rossignol.

This proposal was made on social networks on July 25. Laurence Rossignol returned to an internal investigation into sexual violence committed between 2018 and 2022 on Polytechnique students. The results of this survey were released in April.

The number of female students has not changed for 40 years

We must address the issue of gender-based and sexual violence in these establishmentscontinues the chosen one. These great schools are supposed to form the elite of the Nation. But female students represent only 15 to 17% of students enrolled in engineering schools.“The senator even believes that this violence”are part of a deterrence strategy against women“, certainly linked “compete for the best jobs“.

Laurence Rossignol specifies that while measures have been taken over the past 40 years to remedy the situation, their effects remain limited, or even non-existent. “This rate of 15-17% has not changedshe insists. It is therefore necessary to change strategy and go through the quota method“.


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