The Macron bonus of 7,000 euros should (also) subsidize Chinese cars

The Macron bonus of 7,000 euros should (also) subsidize Chinese cars

What a paradox! Chinese cars are flooding Europe with a plethora of electric models, largely subsidized by states like France in the form of environmental bonuses. At the same time, Carlos Tavares announces that the Stellantis Group, of which he is General Manager, will cease production in China. Quite a symbol of the European Union’s industrial policy. By announcing a super bonus of 7,000 euros (instead of 6,000 previously) ahead of the Paris Motor Show, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, believed he risked subsidizing the Chinese auto industry, whose brands are proliferating electric models during the great Paris hype that just opened its doors Has? And that while the cars of the former Middle Kingdom are being produced in a country where 56% of the electrical energy comes from coal-fired power plants…

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“The real competition will come from the Chinese,” who are one step ahead of the electric car, Carlos Tavares warned on Monday. “The conditions for importing vehicles from China must be symmetrical to those that apply to western vehicles in China,” the manager underlined, adding: “We roll out the red carpet for Chinese manufacturers in Europe, so we will in China.” not received.” . A “red carpet” in Europe, while at the same time the United States has opted to reserve its support for EV buyers turning to vehicles assembled in North America. The same requirement for the location of the battery and the origin of the rare metals that compose it …


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