The mayor of Gouvieux fights against the cabins that pollute the woods of his city

The mayor of Gouvieux fights against the cabins that pollute the woods of his city

By Frederic Normand, Fabrice Alves-Teixeira

This Thursday, July 7, the city of Gouvieux ordered the destruction of a cabin in the woods located south of the town. This cabin of some 40 m2 was in fact a cabin only in name. It was more like a real house.

A few decades ago, it was easy to acquire a plot of this wood and build a small house on it, without asking anyone. The town planning rules were not as strict as they are today. For Patrice Marchand, both mayor of Gouvieux and president of the regional natural park (PNR) Oise-Pays de France, it is in fact a question of fighting against a certain form of cabanization. The latter consists, according to specialists, in “the construction without a permit and with makeshift means, of permanent or temporary dwellings”.

The “poor man’s lily”

But cabanization is also “the use, as accommodation, of caravans and commercial vehicles remaining in the same location for a long period”. This is confirmed by Patrice Marchand. “Some buy woods to simply spend quiet afternoons there, surrounded by nature.he explains. Then, we set up a caravan to sleep there. Some time later, the wheels are removed. And one fine day, the caravan turns into a shed and then into a large cabin where you can live full time.

The Bois de Gouvieux is located a stone’s throw from the highly prized Lys de Lamorlaye. For some, this wood can be considered as the “Lily of the poor”… “The worst thing is that these woods constitute a sensitive natural space, continues Patrice Marchand. That’s why we buy all the plots that are put up for sale. The idea, once the city has become the owner, is to clean up the space in order to return it to nature.”

The sale of this plot was done amicably. “As in most cases”, confides the mayor of Gouvieux who also sees, in this fight against cabanisation, a way of contributing to the protection of the environment. While putting an end to the dangers – especially in terms of ecology – that can arise from cabanization.


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