The misguided collective gray card for ZFE-m

The misguided collective gray card for ZFE-m

Before January 1, 2025, about 150 cities forming metropolitan areas with at least 150,000 inhabitants will have established their Low Mobility Emission Zone (ZFE-m) under the provisions of the LOM Act passed in 2019. There are numerous local exceptions and derogations, particularly for people with reduced mobility. However, as many as 12 million vehicles deemed too old and too polluting are denied access to homes, medical facilities and shopping centers located within these ZFE-m perimeters. As a penalty, their owner must pay the amount of the fine of 68 euros.

Carte Grise Collection: a privilege granted to vehicles over 30 years old

A loophole is offered to owners of vehicles who have celebrated their thirtieth birthday. They can apply to the administration to change their gray card to add the note “collection”. This permit gives the right to roam freely in ZFE-m – at least in the first six who decided to grant such an exception. These are the ZFE-ms of Paris, Reims, Rouen, Nice, Toulouse and Montpellier.

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Others will follow, as in February 2022 former Prime Minister Jean Castex and Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari called on the elected representatives of local authorities affected by the creation of the ZFE-m to grant the same derogation.


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