The new generation Fiat 500: already three million units in 15 years

The new generation Fiat 500: already three million units in 15 years

65 years already! On Monday, Fiat celebrated the anniversary of the emblematic Fiat 500, at the same time as the fifteenth anniversary of its replacement, the neo-retro city car! The first generation (1957-1975), the real one for purists, was produced in the amount of 4.5 million copies in Turin. The second, born in 2007, has to date exceeded 3 million units, including 2.6 million produced in total in Tychy in Poland, the rest in Toluca in Mexico. And it’s not over, since the beautiful Italian so snobby remains in production (only in Poland) with a small 1.0 gasoline engine of 70 horsepower and a (very) slight hybridization of 12 volts.

It is sold in France from 15,690 euros. Ransom for success, the rates also remained high for a long time until the pandemic (186,000 in 2009, 185,000 in 2016, 194,000 units in 2018), despite the growing age of this small phenomenon. This thermal Fiat 500 was doubled in January 2021 with a new electric version (from 26,200 euros), again manufactured in… Turin (Mirafiori site). The transalpine firm (integrated since January 2021 in Stellantis) has sold 100,000 Fiat 500 e in total since the marketing.


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