The news to follow this week: Social Security Budget, Midterms, COP 27…

The news to follow this week: Social Security Budget, Midterms, COP 27…

After a 49-3 in assembly, the Social Security budget arrives in the Senate

Info: The draft Social Security budget for 2023 arrives in the Senate for its first reading on Monday. The ceremonial vote on the entire Social Security Funding Bill is scheduled for November 15th.

The challenge: The situation is unprecedented as the text arrives in a space dominated by a right-wing opposition after being hit by a 49-3 in the National Assembly. Hundreds of amendments were accepted in committee but have to be re-voted in plenary, and hundreds more were tabled in open session. In a push for the government, the rapporteur for the old-age division, Senator LR René-Paul Savary, introduced a pension reform mechanism into the text. A particularly hot topic. And who, if this measure is adopted in the Senate, would put Emmanuel Macron and the majority deputies in a delicate situation when the text returns to the Assembly. Vote or not the measure? Less radical than Emmanuel Macron’s manifesto, MEPs would have trouble justifying his rejection. Issue: Given the social climate and the unpopularity of a possible postponement of the retirement age, the government opened a consultation with unions and employers in early October with a view to reform in early 2023.

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Midterms: High-risk elections for Biden

Info: American voters will be called to the polls on Tuesday, November 8th to renew the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate. Midterm elections that could have serious implications for the 2024 presidential election.

The challenge: If, as their name suggests, midterm elections are usually the stepchild of lower-turnout American elections and a governing party that sheds only a few feathers, usually halfway between two presidential elections, then midterms won’t do at all. Indeed, the very survival of American democracy is at stake. With the economy front and center, the Midterms will serve as an election campaign for disgruntled Americans. Which could benefit the Republican camp. However, a large number of their candidates have expressed doubts about the validity of Joe Biden’s election, which does not bode well for democracy. Not to mention the shadow of Donald Trump hanging over these elections.

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COP 27: 120 leaders at the planet’s bedside

Info: The 27th UN climate conference has been taking place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, for two weeks since Sunday. More than 120 heads of state and government are expected to attend the “Leaders’ Summit” on Monday, November 7th and Tuesday, November 8th.

The challenge: War in Ukraine, fears of a global recession, inflationary tensions could well overshadow the climate problem. And yet the climate crisis and the resulting catastrophes cannot be ignored. With the world heading for 2.5 degrees of warming, far from the Paris Agreement target, limiting the impact is crucial. The most vulnerable countries are calling for targeted funding for the “damage losses” suffered, but developed countries are reluctant. Renewed tensions between the United States and China, two of the world’s biggest polluters, are also weighing on the COP 27. How to ensure food security? How can energy security be guaranteed? What compensation for damage caused by climate catastrophes? The stakes are high, but for COP 27 to be a success, there is one condition: restoring confidence.

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RATP: Jean Castex has auditioned in the Senate

Info: On Tuesday 8 November, Jean Castex will be heard by the Senate Regional Planning Committee with a view to his appointment as President of the RATP. In mid-October, the former prime minister was called to the rescue by the Elysée to succeed Catherine Guillouard.

The challenge: Although the appointment has been endorsed by the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP), it still surprises and raises questions about possible conflicts of interest. Many challenges await Jean Castex anyway. This is happening in a sensitive context, while social relations within the company are extremely tense. Reforms undertaken by Catherine Guillouard to prepare the establishment for opening to competition went poorly. Jean Castex will also have to manage Paris transport by the time of the 2024 Olympics.

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November 10: Strike day for wage increases

Info: On Thursday, November 10th, a new day of strikes and demonstrations will take place at the call of the CGT. The topic: salary increase.

The challenge: “Make next November 10th a new day of strikes and mass demonstrations in all public and private professional sectors across the country.” This is the call of the CGT on the last day of the mobilization on October 27th. A black Thursday is looming in the transport sector: RATP and SNCF could be severely affected. The stakes are high for the CGT, which this fall began a showdown on the issue of wages and purchasing power – particularly the social strife in the refineries. Will the mobilization be there? A topic that is all the more important given that another battle is raging behind the scenes: that of succeeding Philippe Martinez, who will resign as Secretary General of the CGT in 2023.

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