The next Dacia Sandero will have its first price electric version

The next Dacia Sandero will have its first price electric version

“I know how to make a multi-energy replacement for the (Dacia) Sandero,” explains Gilles Le Borgne challenges. “Our CMF-B platform is able to accommodate a petrol engine, a hybrid or an electric motor,” emphasizes the Renault Group’s R&D manager. The next Sandero generation, the fourth, will therefore have its zero-emission version. With the same technology as the next Renault 5, produced in Douai from the end of 2023 for marketing in 2024. The current Sandero, which represents the entry-level class at Dacia (out 10,990 with petrol engine), was released in early 2021. The next one could appear between 2026 and 27. The electric version of the Sandero would eventually replace the small Spring car (starting at 19,800 euros without premium), which is produced in Shiyan, China, by a formerly collapsed joint venture (eGT-NEV). The agreements were broken in 2020. As a result, this spring is no longer sold even in the former Middle Kingdom. 49,000 Spring or derivatives were produced last year, compared to almost 170,000 Dacia Sandero (petrol and LPG) in Morocco and Romania.

“I fought for a multi-energy platform,” specifies Gilles Le Borgne, which can accommodate different engines. Renault’s head of innovation would have even wished that the next R5 would also be available in a thermal version. But Renault CEO Luca De Meo opted for a restrictive offer, 100% electric! The future emission-free R5 will be available in a basic version for “23,000 to 25,000 euros”, says the head of research and development, who has long been in charge of PSA. The R5 will be a city car, mainly used as a second car for a wealthy household. The electric version of the Sandero “will have a Dacia-aligned price,” argues Gilles Le Borgne. So significantly lower than the R5.


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