The number 2 of the Greens is skeptical about a Nupe alliance with the Europeans

The number 2 of the Greens is skeptical about a Nupe alliance with the Europeans

A moment of floating on France Info, this Monday, August 8 in the morning, when the station’s interviewers mentioned a possible alliance of the Nupes in the 2024 European elections with the deputy national secretary of EELV Sandra Regol. The politician initially kicked in, believing that the option of a “common list will depend on what the activists choose”, and stressing that there were still two years left before the European elections in May 2024. Then she was skeptical about the interest of a left-wing union under the Nupes banner for the 2024 European elections, recalling the differences of the alliance members on European topics.

“There is a great logic in having a parliamentary alliance of the Nupes but there is perhaps a little less logic in having a European alliance of the Nupes, because it is on this level that our visions are not in line” with each other, she added.

However, this track was mentioned on Sunday in The Figaro by the LFI deputy Manuel Bompard, right-hand man of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “I am in favor of it. I think that’s the goal we need to set for ourselves. There is an expectation, we cannot return everyone to our corner”, he estimated, arguing: “90% of our votes in the European Parliament are common with socialists and environmentalists”.

International politics divides the Nupes

Of the 650 measures of the “shared government program” sealed between LFI, EELV, the PS and the PCF in May for the June legislative elections, 33 were said to be “in nuance”, according to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, that is to say the subject of differences between the partners. This is the case, for example, on Europe, NATO or even nuclear power. On Europe, the text stated that the signatories are “ready not to respect European rules”. “Because of our stories, we are talking about disobeying for some, derogating transiently for others,” it says.

The differences on the international level within the Nupes have been at the center of discussions for several days, not on Europe, but rather on Taiwan, after Jean-Luc Mélenchon attacked Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. “We’ve known from the start that we don’t agree on everything. The Nupes is a parliamentary coalition. We have acted on our agreements and our disagreements”” Sandra Regol hammered out on Monday morning. The elected official judged that if there was a “frank disagreement” on the subject between the members of the Nupes, there were therefore no additional tensions.

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