The number of Russians entering the EU falls by 20%

The number of Russians entering the EU falls by 20%

The number of Russians entering the European Union fell by 20% last week compared to the previous week due to new restrictions in EU countries, Frontex announced on Wednesday (5 October).

Nearly 53,000 Russian nationals entered the EU between September 26 and October 2, including 29,000 via Finland, 8,877 via Estonia and 8,536 via Poland via Ukraine, according to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency.

“Restrictions on visa policies on the European side and the measures taken by Russia to deter mobilized men who want to leave their country should increasingly restrict the arrival of Russian citizens in the EU.”explained Frontex.

Poland and the Baltic states have imposed draconian restrictions on Russians as part of sanctions decided this year after Russia invaded Ukraine.

“Illegal entries are expected to increase if the Russian Federation decides to close its borders to potential conscripts”added the agency.

Since the announcement of a military mobilization, more than 200,000 people have been mobilized into the Russian army “partially” fighting in the country on September 21 in Ukraine.

This mobilization has caused great concern in Russia and has triggered opposition demonstrations in certain regions. It also prompted tens of thousands of men to flee the country hastily to avoid recruitment.

Kazakhstan announced on Tuesday (October 4) that more than 200,000 Russians had crossed its border in two weeks.

On September 30, the European Commission asked member states to be more restrictive in issuing visas to Russians and in border controls.

The EU had a visa facilitation agreement with Russia, but it has been suspended. Issuing and revoking visas is the responsibility of the Member States.


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