The Polish parliament supports the motion to demand war reparations from Germany

The Polish parliament supports the motion to demand war reparations from Germany

A significant number of Polish MPs on Thursday (fifteen September) in favor of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party’s plan to demand war reparations l’Germany’s opposition fears a deterioration in relations.

The Poles lost 6.2 billion zloty (1.3 billion d’euros) during l’According to a special report, the German occupation of Poland during World War II d’a parliamentary commission published on 1st September which prompted the ruling party PiS to make a statement thehe would demand that amount l’Germany.

L’Germany firmly rejected this request that same day, noting that the Polish People’s Socialist Republic had waived its right to reparations in 1953.

The resolution presented by the PiS received the support of all parties with 418 votes 460 Members of the Polish lower house voted in favor of the text and only four against.

ell «calls on the government d’Germany bears unequivocal political, historical, legal and financial responsibility for all the consequences of the outbreak of World War II by the German Third Reich for the Republic of Poland and the citizens of the Republic of Poland».

L’acceptance of the decision n’however, was no easy task.

Before the vote some party leaders d’The opposition has criticized and asserted the demand for reparations theshe could not theaffect good relationships with l’Germany. Representatives of the PiS, the Liberal Civic Platform and the Polish People’s Party all opposites own projects submitted.

The Liberal Civic Platform project even demands reparations from Russia and claims so l’The Soviet Union also attacked Poland in September 1939.

L’The matter should also be brought to the European Parliament, as it was recently reported that the ECR group in the European Parliament, which includes the PiS group, will soon propose a resolution on the matter.


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