The Renault 5 puts on glasses for its 50th anniversary

The Renault 5 puts on glasses for its 50th anniversary

Fifty years and nearly 5 million copies for the Renault 5 sold between 1972 and 1984. At the very least, we were hoping for five reinterpretations of this “true symbol of pop culture”, to celebrate its birthday with dignity! Let’s not sulk our pleasure. Admire the purity of the front of the R5 revisited by Pierre Gonalons. Let us penetrate by the strange myopic look given to him by this French designer, recognized “among the 100 best creators by the publication Architectural Digest”.

It’s as if the weight of the years had forced the little car, so dear to our hearts, to put on a mount with thick lenses. His gaze is all upset. And his personality, ditto. Sacrilege of the iconoclastic artist!

“In my eyes, the R5 embodies a pop, optimistic, resolutely contemporary life. With Renault 5 Diamant, I wanted to pay tribute to its revolutionary design while translating my universe of shapes and colors into the automotive world”, explains Pierre Gonalons in admitting to having drawn his inspiration from the decorative arts, “and more particularly from fine jewelry, which can be found in the precious and innovative details”. Like those famous lighthouses. They are part of these “usual appendages” that the artist has “taken out of their environment” to “magnify them in form as well as in finish”. As a result, “the headlights and lights are faceted like precious stones”.


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