The RN celebrates its 50th anniversary as the “Republican Party”.

The RN celebrates its 50th anniversary as the “Republican Party”.

The National Assembly soberly celebrated its 50th anniversary on Thursday during a symposium at the National Assembly that emphasized the party’s “republican” nature and in the absence of its founder Jean-Marie Le Pen.

“There is no more Republican party than ours,” said presidential candidate Marine Le Pen at the end of the symposium entitled “From Hope to Power”.

Regarding Mausen and Aggiornamento, she assured that “this re-establishment started in 2011 and accelerated in 2017 the day after the presidential elections, we will continue it to continue to make the National Rally a ruling party, the party of the great.” bill of exchange”.

“However, we do not have to be ashamed of our history,” she assured in this speech, in which she mentioned only once the name of the founder, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was not present at the conference. .

Marine Le Pen commented on this very noticeable absence, assuring journalists that “far from making them disappear, our aim is to have allowed this movement to exist in difficult conditions”.

But “each generation takes on the task of trying to achieve results that bring us closer to power,” she added, adding that she “didn’t plan” to attend the reception organized by her father at his home from Montretout to Saint- Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine) for the party’s 50th anniversary.

Jean-Marie Le Pen appeared discreetly in the brochure distributed during the symposium, particularly on reproductions of press articles.

“She is not denying her roots, the members of the National Rally and in particular elected officials are invited today,” said interim president of RN Jordan Bardella, candidate for the party’s presidency.

This symposium was also an opportunity to assert the government’s ambitions, while “in the beginning we were practically an auxiliary force,” recalled Marine Le Pen’s special adviser, Philippe Olivier.

“We have managed to impose the pace” of political life “by enforcing all the issues that structure it,” Marine Le Pen welcomed.

A short film broadcast at the opening of the symposium recalled that “2022 marks the end of the glass ceiling” for a party “ready to exercise power”.

With 89 MEPs elected in June, “we are at the heart of the institutions”, asserted MEP Laurent Jacobelli.

The conference “FN/RN 1972/2022 – From hope to power” at the National Assembly in Paris on October 6, 2022. (AFP – Alain JOCARD)

“We are at home here, we are convinced that we will succeed Emmanuel Macron, the change is also being prepared here in the National Assembly,” Jordan Bardella told journalists.

The party will elect its new president at a party convention on November 5, and for the first time “he won’t be Le Pen,” added the presidential candidate, seeing it as “proof of the party’s great maturity.”

One candidate, Louis Aliot, Jean-Marie Le Pen’s chief of staff, was also absent from the conference. According to Jordan Bardella, he had “duties as Mayor of Perpignan”. But Mr. Aliot’s entourage made it clear that neither he nor his supporters had been invited to speak.


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