The robot supplants the man in the maintenance of order

The robot supplants the man in the maintenance of order

This summer, Challenges offers you a leap into an imaginary future. We publish, as part of our series on failure scenarios, projections, in re-edited summary version, produced by the Red Team, a team of science fiction authors assembled by the Defense Innovation Agency. Its mission: to publish two scenarios a year to confront armies with extreme scenarios. But also scenarios inspired by works, imagined by us, that of our external contributors or by our partner The Economist. Good reading.

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Journalist specializing in defense issues, August Cole signs with Peter Singer the thriller control at Editions Buchet-Chastel, a dive into the world of hypersurveillance where robots support FBI agents. And threaten to supplant them. Challenges interviewed him.

Challenges – Should we be afraid of robots?

August Cole- Artificial intelligence and robotics will fundamentally transform our society, potentially for the worse, and profoundly. We chose the techno thriller, because we think it’s the best way to understand the world around us today, and what it can bring in the future. This story is a warning that describes a world in which I would not want to live.

Will the man be overtaken by the machine?


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