The Russian company Gazprom interrupts its gas deliveries to the Netherlands

The Russian company Gazprom interrupts its gas deliveries to the Netherlands

Russian gas company Gazprom has announced it will cut off its gas supply to the Netherlands from Tuesday (31 May) after Dutch wholesaler GasTerra refused to comply with a Kremlin demand to pay in rubles for not to violate the sanctions imposed by the European Union.

GasTerra, which buys gas from domestic and foreign producers on the open market, has “decided not to comply with Gazprom’s unilateral payment demands”wrote the Dutch company in a press release.

In response, Gazprom announced that it would interrupt its supply to the Netherlands from Tuesday.

GasTerra said it does not want to comply with Russia’s March 31 request that countries “unfriendly” pay for their gas supplies in roubles, for fear of “violate”sanctions imposed by the European Union. “Opening accounts in Moscow under Russian law and controlling them by the Russian regime is too big a risk”she clarified.

The contract between Dutch GasTerra and Russian Gazprom was originally due to end on October 1. The immediate termination of the contract means that two billion cubic meters of gas will not be delivered.

The Dutch wholesaler said it had anticipated such a move, confirming that it had already bought gas elsewhere.

Dutch Climate and Energy Minister Rob Jetten spoke about the situation at the special meeting of the European Council on Monday (30 May).

“The government understands GasTerra’s decision not to accept the payment terms unilaterally imposed by Gazprom. This decision has no consequences for the physical delivery of gas to Dutch households.did he declare.

“GasTerra has purchased additional gas in anticipation of this situation. Therefore, it is expected that there will also be no consequences for the physical deliveries of gas to Dutch companies. However, the government will continue to closely monitor the situation in the coming period.“, he added.

So far, Russia has halted gas supplies to Finland, Bulgaria and Poland following these countries’ refusal to pay for the gas in roubles.


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