The Serbian interior minister rejects EU enlargement proposals

The Serbian interior minister rejects EU enlargement proposals

Serbia will not recognize Kosovo, will abandon its ethnic kin in Bosnia and Herzegovina and impose sanctions on Russia, Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin said Wednesday in response to the latest report on European Union enlargement.

The report published on Wednesday (12 October) says Serbia must join the Union’s foreign policy and step up its commitment to reforms.

Speaking to reporters in Belgrade, Vulin wryly pointed out that the full country report could have been summed up in a few sentences, namely that Serbia is explicitly asked to meet these three requirements.

“But we will not recognize the so-called Kosovo, we will not give up the Republic of Srpska [l’entité serbe de Bosnie-Herzégovine]and we will not impose sanctions on Russia”he said according to the daily newspaper today.

“We won’t as long as we are led by the last free leader in Europe, the President of all Serbs, Aleksandar Vučić”he continued.

Mr Vučić himself spoke more measuredly during a joint press conference with EU Ambassador Emmanuel Joffre, saying that the EU was putting pressure on Serbia “will continue to vary, one time it will be sanctions against Russia, another time it will be Kosovo”.

“Our job is to be strong and determined for reform. We will continue to work on our way into the EU, maybe we can change something, maybe not.”said also the Serbian President.


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