The stars of tomorrow are boosting their stock market rating

The stars of tomorrow are boosting their stock market rating

It’s the most successful tool for monetizing a prominent personality: instead of simply “liking” their photos or buying T-shirts bearing their image, fans can now acquire a share of their favorite star via the Royaltiz platform, created by Christophe Vattier, which is based on blockchain and NFTs. “It’s a virtuous idea because it’s about financing young artists and athletes, when they start,” explains this 49-year-old repeat offender start-upper, who worked for McKinsey and Caisse des Dépôts. The people thus securitized have given their consent and receive most of the fundraising. It’s about helping them get their career off the ground. “We are a company with a mission, whose credo is to finance the unfinanceable, explains Christophe Vattier.

Thus, we do not intend to focus on the recognized stars but also to identify the stars of tomorrow.”


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