The state spends a billion on premiums for electric cars

The state spends a billion on premiums for electric cars

The premiums for the electrification of the French car fleet are expensive for the taxpayer. In the first seven months of the year, the state spent 525 million euros in premiums for the purchase of electric models and, incidentally, rechargeable hybrids. The bill is therefore likely to top 1 billion during the year (up from 901 million last year). Logic: EVs have surpassed 12% of the tri-color new car market (over eight months), up from 1% in 2018. EV sales will grow sharply year on year. Brussels has decided to ban the sale of non-electric vehicles in 2035. For their part, plug-in hybrids have reached almost 8% of the French market (over eight months).

Nothing to do: This so-called ecological tax system remains stubbornly in deficit. It shows a negative balance of 233 million euros (over seven months), which over the year should remain in the same range as 2021 (-465 million). In 2020 it was only 214 million. The public sector is caught in its own trap. As a result of the tightening of the penalty, motorists are consequently turning away from thermal models that are increasingly affected. At the same time, those in power are encouraging motorists to switch to electric cars… The fine, which is increased every year, brought the state only 292 million (over seven months). Including the 13 million of a new weight-based tax (from 1.8 tons). The state has stopped hoping for a realignment. For 2020 he still believed in it. But tired, that was without considering the pandemic and the May 2020 car plan presented by Emmanuel Macron, which included increased bonus sums (€7,000 for an electric car) as well as the introduction of €2,000 for buyers of a rechargeable hybrid.


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