The taxation of superprofits ignites the return to school

The taxation of superprofits ignites the return to school

Do everything to avoid taxation of superprofits. This is naturally the first wish of the large groups for this start of the school year. The bosses hammered it on the occasion of the Meeting of Entrepreneurs of France (REF) of the Medef, this Monday, August 29. “The strength of French taxation for seven years now has been to be stable and to send a clear signal of attractiveness”, highlighted Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux at the microphone of France Inter on Monday. Before completing, a few hours later, during the opening of the Medef summer school: “It is because France has lowered taxes on companies that it is starting to stop deindustrialization”.

But the multinationals which paradoxically take advantage of the crisis to reap super profits, such as TotalEnergies and CMA-CGM, are not the only ones to pray to avoid this new taxation. The government is also struggling to avoid having to take such a step, which the left is crying out for. “Our commitment is firm: no tax increase on companies”, launched Élisabeth Borne from the Medef platform. And to recall the promise in Emmanuel Macron’s presidential program to accentuate the reduction in production taxes.

Resist the “populist sirens”

Out of the question, therefore, to give in to “populist sirens”, in the words of the head of government, while the Nupes, from Olivier Faure to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, wants to organize a referendum on this tax. Faced with the bosses, the Prime Minister even showed herself to be more resolute than during her speech on August 28, in The Parisian. She then explained that she “doesn’t close[rait] not the door to tax superprofits”.


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