The text on the acceleration of renewable energies examined at the start of the school year

The text on the acceleration of renewable energies examined at the start of the school year

The government launched Friday a “broad consultation” around the bill to accelerate renewable energies promised by President Emmanuel Macron, for a presentation of the text in the Council of Ministers at the start of the school year, then in Parliament in October.

“Today we have seized the National Council for Energy Transition of the bill to accelerate renewable energies, which has also been sent to the Council of State,” said Matignon during a press conference by telephone.

The text, which will present “20 articles”, will address three main aspects.

He will first present “a series of measures that are both exceptional and transitional to speed up the procedures for the development of renewable energies” – in particular by reducing the crippling time limits for appeals – in order to respond “to the current emergencies on the supply and our ability to meet our renewable targets”.

He will then focus on a certain number of specific measures relating to the photovoltaic and offshore wind sectors, “two priorities of the energy policy to produce more in terms of kW/h”, indicated Matignon, specifying in particular that for photovoltaics, “the idea is to seek to obtain all the land surfaces available in France” in order to “expand the surfaces” of possible installation.

Finally, the bill will present “a series of measures which relate to the sharing of the value” of renewable energy projects in France with the residents of these projects, in order to increase “the adhesion and acceptability of these sources of production with our fellow citizens”.

“The idea is that these renewable energies generate a certain amount of income and that this income could be redistributed to the people who are directly concerned by a visual presence of these means of production”, detailed Matignon, without specifying what form. it would take.

The text should be presented to the Council of Ministers in mid-September, then will be followed by a parliamentary debate “which will begin in October”, indicated the government, specifying that a “second legislative text, a law much broader” was “expected later”, but that this first bill was intended to “deal with emergency issues”.

To fight against global warming and diversify its electricity production, France is aiming for 40% renewable energy in 2030 (compared to 20% in 2019), notably via 1,000 MW of offshore wind power more per year.


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