The Valmontois can no longer take wild dumps

The Valmontois can no longer take wild dumps

Green waste, various rubble or asbestos: these are the elements that can be observed in the heart of nature in Saint-Vaast-de-Longmont. These deposits, which are illegal, are sometimes even burned. The people of Valmont fear that this will harm the reputation of this small village recently affiliated to the Regional Natural Park (PNR) Oise-Pays de France. “It’s not pleasant, there’s a lack of respect,” observes a retired couple. “I find it unacceptable.“, regrets a resident of the village.

Cameras being installed

Gilbert Bouteille, mayor of Saint-Vaast-de-Longmont, nevertheless tries to fight against this phenomenon. An article has been published on the town hall’s website and plastic bags for green waste are made available to residents. A collection schedule for the latter has also been established. Moreover, surveillance seems to be the only way to curb the perpetrators of these acts. “Seven cameras are being installed, explains the mayor of the town. They were first put in place for the safety of the inhabitants, but they can also be used to monitor illegal deposits.“. On the other hand, he specifies that asbestos cannot be removed because of the high cost that this represents. Between struggle and resignation, the situation seems frozen.

Hugo Saez


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