There are no more new cars for less than €10,000.

There are no more new cars for less than €10,000.

Two years ago, we managed to draw up a buying guide for cars under €10,000. It admittedly only listed four models, much less than only three years earlier, but the offer existed, with cars capable of meeting the needs of a small family. Now it’s over. Subject to galloping inflation, car prices are becoming less and less affordable. On the one hand, the shortage of semiconductors prevents brands from delivering enough cars to meet demand. So manufacturers are taking the opportunity to further increase prices already inflated by electrification systems intended to lower CO emissions.2or by driving aids enabling it to shine in Euro NCAP crash tests.

Two years ago, we listed four models under the €10,000 mark. The Suzuki Celerio has since deserted the market. His compatriot the Mitsubishi Space Star was also part of this closed circle, but thanks to a subterfuge: a permanent discount granted by the manufacturer to lower the price below this symbolic threshold. Today, the site of the three-diamond brand still displays a call price of €9,290, but this is no longer automatic. Admittedly, a discount is always granted on the 13,890 € of the least expensive Space Star, but it is necessary to be eligible for the conversion bonus of 3,000 €, paid by the State, to reach this figure. In other words, you have to scrap a diesel car from before 2011 or gasoline from before 2006 to hope to sign a check with only four figures to leave behind the wheel of the little Japanese car.


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