Thibaud Demory, mayor of Etavigny in the Oise, accused of having, drunk, shot a gull in the city center in Saint-Brieuc

Thibaud Demory, mayor of Etavigny in the Oise, accused of having, drunk, shot a gull in the city center in Saint-Brieuc

Thibaud Demory, farmer, mayor and hunter: shot! – Credit: Instagram / Thibaud Demory

Thibaud Demory, 38, is a farmer and mayor of the small village of Etavigny in Valois. He is also a hunter. Questioned by telephone the elected official does not hide it. What he does not confirm, however, is having had trouble with the authorities on Saturday July 23 in Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor). According to the daily Ouest France, a farmer from Oise, also a hunter, killed a gull with a shotgun in the city center, in the Breton town. The facts were reported and the man found himself in police custody. The blood alcohol level of the hunter/farmer/mayor is then measured: positive! The continuation of the police custody allows the police to learn that the individual was in Brittany to participate in a hunting party the next day, Sunday July 24. Note, it is not insignificant that the gull is a protected species. It is therefore strictly forbidden to capture, or worse, to kill this bird, except by prefectural derogation.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Thibaud Demory, Mayor of Etavigny

Asked about his presence in Saint-Brieuc, the young mayor feigns incomprehension: “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, he blurts out. According to our information, the mayor of Etavigny is indeed this “elected representative of Oise”. Thibaud Demory does not make any difficulties, however, to admit that he was not in the Oise this Saturday, July 23. Better: he was on the coast. But not in Brittany according to him. “I have a ticket (by train no doubt, editor’s note)I was in Nantes», he said as if to brandish an alibi. A ticket to Nantes: if this is true, nothing prevents the chosen one from having then joined Saint-Brieuc, located only 2 h 30 by car. So we insist: “You weren’t in Saint-Brieuc to take part in a hunting party? And you weren’t arrested for killing a seagull in the middle of town?”. The man does not budge: “I don’t know what you’re talking about”he repeats.

While our sources confirm to us, however, that the elected official of the Oise arrested for having shot a gull in the city center and in a state of inebriation and Thibaud Demory are one, the daily Ouest France specifies that it is today prosecuted for destruction of protected species. He will later be the subject of a penal order. He risks a fine or an alternative sentence to prison. He also risks the suspension of his hunting license.

Deputy to the county council

The respondent, here with former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe in 2021- Credit: Instagram / Thibaud Demory

Thibaud Demory is mayor of Etarvigny, a very small town of 150 inhabitants in the south east of the department. He had volunteered to lead the town in 2021 as the village struggled to find enough candidates for the elections. The young mayor had apparently gotten into the game of politics since he was in 2020, substitute candidate for the departmental elections of Nicole Colin who formed a pair with Gilles Sellier. Both having been elected, Thibaud Demory could join the Oise departmental council, in the majority of President Nadège Lefebvre in the event of the defection of Nicole Colin, currently vice-president in charge of the elderly. Gilles Sellier is meanwhile, and it’s funny, VP in charge of… security.


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