This goat with impressive ears applies for the Guinness book

This goat with impressive ears applies for the Guinness book

Simba was born on June 5 in Pakistan, and despite his young age, he has the distinction of having extraordinarily long ears: 54 centimeters at the last measurement. This goat has become since its breeder, Mohammad Hasan Narejo posted images of the beast on social networks, a real star.
His breeder now wants recognition… from the Guinness Book of Records and is asking for what he says is a world record. Except for the fact that the category “biggest goat ears” does not exist.

However, no one will take away from Simba the impressive size of his ears which have already allowed him to win several beauty contests despite your very young age.

And for those who are wondering: yes, the kid’s ears are dragging on the ground. When he is not taking photos or videos with Simba, Mohammad Hasan Narejo ties the animal’s pillows behind his back so that he does not step on them.


Watch this video edited by the Geo site:


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