This is not a Citroën Ami, but its Chinese copy

This is not a Citroën Ami, but its Chinese copy

At their beginnings about fifteen years ago, most Chinese car manufacturers shamelessly copied Western or Japanese models to develop their new models. A time that is now over, since these brands caress international ambitions. Thus, the MG, Aiways, Seres or even Lynk & Co offered for sale in France are distinguished by an original design, even if all the models of these brands cannot claim extraordinary stylistic inspiration. If these coats of arms which are the armed arms of large industrial groups make the effort of creativity, automotive copying has not completely disappeared in China.

Some small brands, which are confined to the local market, continue to pump out successful models to swell the ranks of their range. Evidenced by the arrival of a imitation of the Citroën Ami, the work of a company called Favorable Group Limited. Founded in 2015 according to the description published on its website, it was first devoted to the manufacture of electric bicycles and scooters, before offering low-speed electric carts, corresponding to quite similar local regulations. to that of our cars without a licence. Favorable Group Limited is located in the province of Shandong, in the east of China, where most of the manufacturers of this type of vehicle are grouped. And there are many companies of this type to use stylistic elements of known models, sometimes to the point of ridicule: there is thus an electric cart with lines strongly inspired by the Bugatti Veyron.


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