Those grotesque controversies that overshadow climate tragedies

Those grotesque controversies that overshadow climate tragedies

Global warming and the energy crisis have caused droughts and fires in France, but also controversy over the efforts that must be made to adapt to the “New World”, which is no longer that of plenty. But it is not only in France that tragedies multiply, as well as tragicomedies or even crazy comedies!

For example, let’s talk about a tragedy that nobody wants to see. In Pakistan, two-thirds of the country is under water and if there are already 1,300 dead, we know for sure that there will be many more because the floods have destroyed infrastructure. We can bring help to the hundreds of thousands of residents who are left without home, water and food. Epidemics break out because calamity never comes alone. And this country, which contributes very little to global warming, will not have the means to rebuild it. Especially since they are credited with international aid because corruption in Pakistan is one of the other almost natural scourges that make these castaways say, “Living here is living in hell…”


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